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The BRFF-Park Flyer is based on Bud Romak’s 1959 1/2A Free Flight which originally had a 68 1/2” span with 275 sq. in of area. Powered by a Thermal Hopper .049.   Bud sent me a copy of a plan drawn by Bill Dean which was used to scale the m..
It has been reported that, The Buzzard bombshell is one of the most famous aircraft in modeling history and was one the most dreaded contender in free flight circles. As I understand the Bombshell was a club project of the Buzzards club of Chicago. J..
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The C-47 was the military designation for the Douglas DC-3, first flown in December 1941. Over 10,000 were produced, some still flying today. The C-47 differed from the civilian DC-3 in numerous modifications, including being fitted with a cargo door..
~~The BMJR Electron-46 has a 46” span with 333 sq. in. area. Flying weight of ours is 24 ½ oz with a 3/1000 LiPo. The BMJR kit is based on Norm Rosenstock’s  Electron which was the 1st RC model to be published in Flying Models, December, 1950. O..
At the Weak Signal Show in Toledo 2017, we were sitting in the lounge and  I said that sounds like a fiasco. Dave Platt said; ”sounds like a good name for a model”.  Subsequently a design emerged on a napkin.  A few weeks later Dave fi..
The Miss America was originally designed by Fran Zaic  in 1935 as a gas powered Free Flight model with an 84” wing span and became  a kit by Scientific. In 1959 Joe Wagner and John Pond were discussing a new event for SAM competition: scale..