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The BMJR Miles Magister, designed by Dave Platt, has been engineered for electric power and micro R/C equipment allowing it to be flown in a small area, with full 4-channel control. With a 33 1/2" wingspan it is a true 1" to 1' scale representation, ..
In 1921 the Sperry Aircraft Company produced a thick cantilever monoplane wing which was specifically designed to be interchangeable between the U.S. Curtiss Jenny, and Canadian Curtiss Canuck, advancing these bi-planes to state-of-the-art monoplanes..
The Park Flyer  Bird  Dog  with dihedral wing , intended for 3 channel flying has a very  relaxed flight profile.   Kit B-339W  provides all the necessary parts to build a second wing for your Bird  Dog with ai..
The Bird Dog is essentially a Cessna 170 with tandem seating for pilot and observer. First lights were in 1949 with the designation L-19 (for liaison). Name switched in 1962 to the O-1 for Observation. Depending on the livery used an L-19 or O-1 may ..
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The C-47 was the military designation for the Douglas DC-3, first flown in December 1941. Over 10,000 were produced, some still flying today. The C-47 differed from the civilian DC-3 in numerous modifications, including being fitted with a cargo door..
The Fokker D-8, first flown in 1918 with a top speed of 127 mph and 20,000 ft. service ceiling. It would have been a formidable opponent had it not been so late in entering the war.  Allied pilots nicknamed it the Flying Razor, presuma..