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Paul Bradley Designs

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Prior to the Astro-Hog, by Fred Dunn and published in the April 1958 issue of MAN, radio controlled models were all high wing designs. Consensus of the R/C flyers at the time was that low wingers were doomed and would never be suitable for R/C use. B..
The original Duelist was designed by Dave Platt in 1974 for 2 Super Tiger 23 engines and became a Pica kit. Later Dave did a kit of the MkII version, published in the May 1978 issue of MAN. This was the plan used by Gerry Armstrong to build his elect..
In April 1960 Model Airplane News reported that the Orion by Ed Kazmirski achieves a new standard of high performance. In the MAN article Ed comments, " The Orion, like any airplane design, is one answer to a problem. The problem, in this case, was t..
The Perigee was designed by Tom Brett and flown to  become world champion in 1962. One feature of the Perigee was that it was a little smaller than most aerobatic ships of the time. This lead to Paul Bradly scaling the model to 56%, to have a si..
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The Spacewalker was designed in the early 1980's as a home built aircraft in Hendersonville, NC by Jessie Anglin, intended to capture the essence of a 1930's sport airplane.  The design was a success with 2 versions being built; a single place S..
In January 1963, MAN reported, "in 1960 Ed Kazmirski's Orion was the best multi offered to date,  now the Taurus is the best."  The Taurus was designed to be a plane that would perform the maneuvers more nearly perfect, but more important,..
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The Turnaround 325 is a 43 1/2” span model capable of performing classic aerobatic maneuvers, designed by Paul Bradley. It is not designed for 3D aerobatics. When finished, the model flying weight should be in the 26 to 29 oz. range. The recommende..
Based on a micro RC design by Bob Selman; Paul Bradly doubled the size to create a 40” span model with 360 sq. in of area.  Model has demonstrated “solid” flight characteristics, and a very stable platform for learning aerobatics.   ..
In 1958Carl Goldberg introduced the Ranger 30 to the modeling community through his Carl Goldberg Models company. With a 30” wing span and all sheet balsa construction, the ranger 30 was intended to help the new modeler achieve success in building a ..