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Rubber Power

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Blown motors cause serious damage to rubber powered models. A Torque Meter with Blast tube protects the fuselage from blown motors, while providing an accurate measurement of the "power" wound in your rubber motor. Trimming a rubber powered model is ..
11" Plastic for Old Time Rubber Powered Models. Prop is included in our Weight Rule and Gin-U-Win kits ..
OUT OF STOCK - Engineered specifically to interface with the BMJR Torque Meter (or directly to rubber motor with hook provided). This winder has  a comfortable pistol grip. E-102 with a 3 1/2 : 1 ratio. ..
7" plastic prop for rubber powered models for Flying Aces Club Embryo Endurance competition. Prop is included wit all BJR Embryo models B-206 thru B-211. ..
14 1/2" diameter x 21" pitch folding prop kit for rubber power models. This kit sold separately;  is included with our Kit B-504 Kiwi Koop model. ..
9 1/2" Prop for rubber powered P-30 class models ..