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The 1/2A Country Boy, designed by Jim Clem in 1976, was published in the March 1977 issue of Model Aviation. It was reported to by the ideal compromise for 1/2A Free Flight, with a relatively high aspect ratio (7.5 to 1),and  a good gliding (Luc..
The Raven design was started in 2015 by Dave Platt; as a high thrust model. During the following 4 years Dave built 12 Raven in sizes ranging from a 1/2A to an 1100 Super D. Each with refinements and each displaying similar flight performance.  ..
the BMJR Starduster 1300 Full Kit includes the plans, Laser cut wing and stab ribs, Sticks to assemble wing and stab + the wood required to assemble the fuselage.  ..
Starduster 1300 Short kit includes the plan (4 shets, 33 sq. ft.) and the laser cut wing and stab ribs ..
BMJR Starduster 1300 wing & stab kit includes the plan, laseer cut wing & stab ribs and the sticks required to assemble  ..
The ULF-1 is a model of a home built ultra-light glider that was designed by Dieter Reich of Germany.  It first flew in 1977.  It was designed for foot launch, auto tow, and ultra-light aero tow.  At the time this plan was developed, 4..