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It has been reported that, The Buzzard bombshell is one of the most famous aircraft in modeling history and was one the most dreaded contender in free flight circles. As I understand the Bombshell was a club project of the Buzzards club of Chicago. J..
The original 74” Civy Boy was designed by Paul Gilliam and 1st published in the October, 1949 issue of Model Airplane News; becoming one of the most dominate Free Flight designs of the 1950’s.  Paul’s original intention was for a model to compet..
The Nostalgia approved, 1956 design by Bob Larsh, was selected as one of two models to be flown in National Free Flight Society one-design competition in 2020.  Span is 56" with a 450 sq. in area, bare bones weight is less than 6 oz. Our all ..
The original Design  was published in the October, 1952 issue of Air Trails, by OLD-TIMER. The article indicated the Perky  was intended to fulfill requests from  Air Adventures clubs, Air Scout groups, schools and recreations centers...
The Raven design was started in 2015 by Dave Platt; as a high thrust model. During the following 4 years Dave built 12 Raven in sizes ranging from a 1/2A to an 1100 Super D. Each with refinements and each displaying similar flight performance.  ..
The Super Chief was flown in 1950 and 1951 by George Aldrich in the senior division. Some of the design features like the “airfoil” shaped vertical stab/rudder were later incorporated in his famous Nobler design. The design was said to be a significa..
The Nostalgia Legal  TEXAN 48, was designed by Jim Summersett and Ed Miller in 1952 and appeared in the January 1960 issue of American Modeler. The 1952 version was selected for National Free Flight Society one-design competition for 2020. ..
Parts in this kit  build a fuselage and a wing with a symmetrical airfoil and strip ailerons, with 30 in. span and 194 sq. in. area.  It is a great flying model for introduction to aerobatics.  Flying weight is 9.25 oz withou..
Parts in this kit are for the aileron wing only.  View B-333 for detailsl on the complete  assembly. Wing fits Basic Fuselage B-331  ..
Parts in this kit are for the dihedral wing ONLY, view Kit B-332 for full description.  The B-331 Fuselage kit is required  to complete this model .  ..
The  BMJR  Ugly-30 started in 1999 as a rubber powered sport free flight for a group of 8 year old boys as a  summer project. It was then modified for electric FF  and  eventually in 2007 for R/C.   Your Ugly-30 ..
The Ugly-30 Fuselage kit (B331), and Dihedral wing kit,  provie  the parts  for the flat bottom airfoil with dihedral. Model has a 30in. span and 194 sq. in. area, with a flying weight is 8.5 oz. without battery and  10...
With the fuselage (B-331 included ) this kit provides  the parts to build a twin motor version of the Ugly-30 . Kit includes a symmetrical airfoil wing, with 30 in. span ans 194 sq. in area,  modified to accept 2 motor n..
This kit includes the parts for the Ugly-30 Twin wing only. Basic Fuselage Kit B-331 is required to complete this model. ..
The Waco CG-4A was the most widely used American troop/cargo  glider of World War II. Designed by the Weaver  Aircraft Company,(WACO)  flight testing began in May 1942, and eventually more than 13,900 CG-4As we..
~~Jim Clem designed the Witch Hawk which was published in the September 1982 Model Aviation. Copies of the original article are available form the AMA Museum Library.  Model was selected for NFFS one-design in 2017  to be flown with a non-s..