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Ugly-30 Fuselage

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The  BMJR  Ugly-30 started in 1999 as a rubber powered sport free flight for a group of 8 year old boys as a  summer project. It was then modified for electric FF  and  eventually in 2007 for R/C.  

Your Ugly-30 may be built in 3 configurations;

              1) with flat bottom dihedral wing (trainer). Wing kit B-332

              2) symmetrical airfoil with ailerons (aerobatic),Wing kit B-333

              3) as a twin motor version ,Wing kit B-334 

Model has a removable Landing Gear and may  be flown off grass, hand launch without landing gear; with landing gear from a runway or with Floats. 

The parts in this kit are for the fuselage only,  which is the same for all configurations.  This fuselage is intended to mate with all 3 wing configurations.


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