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The original Panther was designed in 1939 by Walter Schutz as a free flight with a 46" wingspan and an ignition engine. The Panther was unique for it's time with a low wing rather than the more traditional high wing cabin type model. In 1939 it was ..
The Simplex was designed by Paul Plecan and published in the February 1941 issue of Air Trails magazine. Paul reported that his original model was lost on the day it was test hopped. On its eleventh flight it flew Out-of-Sight in 33 minutes on a 15-s..
The Speed 400 Electric Combo Pack includes a Speed 400 motor (M-401), Clam Shell motor mount (M-404), Gear Box with 2:1, 2.5:1 & 3:1 gears and APC 8x6, 9x6 & amp; 10x5 props (M-403), Tamiya plug kit (M-405), and MX-9215 15amp speed control. (..
The Sniffer was an early Post War free flight model designed by R.G Schmith for the new OK Cubs and Anderson Spitfire glow engines of the day, and was produced a kit by Midwest Models in the early 1950's. It is reported that the name came from it's T..
The July 1944 issue of Model Airplane News reported, The Swami was designed for the sole purpose of creating a high performance airplane without sacrificing beauty. Its graceful curves make it an attractive ship and its twin rudders and stabiliz..
The BMJR Texaco-Rambler has been scaled to 44"wingspan from the original 72" model designed by Gil Shurman in 1938. Model may be flown in 1/2A Texaco with a Cox .049 or with a Speed 400 electric motor in Old Time Electric LMR or Electric-Texaco..
Carl Goldberg's Zipper has been said to be the world's best known free flight model. An unforgettable aircraft that revolutionized the world of free flight in the 1930's with its performance and features. Most notable was the pylon mounted wing produ..
~~The BMJR Electron-46 has a 46” span with 333 sq. in. area. Flying weight of ours is 24 ½ oz with a 3/1000 LiPo. The BMJR kit is based on Norm Rosenstock’s  Electron which was the 1st RC model to be published in Flying Models, December, 1950. O..