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Park Flyers

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The Splash-E designed by Harry Stewart is a relatively small (44" span), light (13-15 oz), electric powered, "wire-braced" flying boat.   The distinction between a float plane and a seaplane is; a float plane is just a conventional land pla..
The Sniffer was an early Post War free flight model designed by R.G Schmith for the new OK Cubs and Anderson Spitfire glow engines of the day, and was produced a kit by Midwest Models in the early 1950's. It is reported that the name came from it's T..
In January 1963, MAN reported, "in 1960 Ed Kazmirski's Orion was the best multi offered to date,  now the Taurus is the best."  The Taurus was designed to be a plane that would perform the maneuvers more nearly perfect, but more important,..
The Turnaround 325 is a 43 1/2” span model capable of performing classic aerobatic maneuvers, designed by Paul Bradley. It is not designed for 3D aerobatics. When finished, the model flying weight should be in the 26 to 29 oz. range. The recommende..
The BMJR Ugly-30 started several years ago as a rubber powered sport free flight for a group of 8 year old boys as a summer project. It was then modified for electric and R/C. Now for 2008 we have completely re-engineered the kit specifically for ele..
Designed to accommodate several Speed 280 motor configurations for easy motor change-out allowing the builder to experiment with different motor/battery combinations. With a 33 inch wingspan, it is capable of all rudder/elevator aerobatics, including..
The Ugly-Sport "Bi-Plane" is based on design effort by Paul Bradley and published in the March 2002 issue of Model Aviation. Kit includes the basic Ugly-Sport, B-302, and includes parts for a second wing and plywood top wing mount. Model may be built..
Based on a micro RC design by Bob Selman; Paul Bradly doubled the size to create a 40” span model with 360 sq. in of area.  Model has demonstrated “solid” flight characteristics, and a very stable platform for learning aerobatics.   ..
At the Weak Signal Show in Toledo 2017, we were sitting in the lounge and  I said that sounds like a fiasco. Dave Platt said; ”sounds like a good name for a model”.  Subsequently a design emerged on a napkin.  A few weeks later Dave fi..
Dave Platt designed the .40 size  Contender  for Top Flight Models in 1970. Since that time it has proven an exceptionally long-lived design, being still in production today.  Now 48 years later Dave has designed the min-Contender at 4..
The Satin doll was designed by Dave Platt in 1995 as a free flight rubber model to be flown at Old Warden in England. Model was  later published in Aero Modeler and January 1996 Flying Models. Design goal was to create a model reminiscent of tho..