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Park Flyers

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The Ugly-Sport "Bi-Plane" is based on design effort by Paul Bradley and published in the March 2002 issue of Model Aviation. Kit includes the basic Ugly-Sport, B-302, and includes parts for a second wing and plywood top wing mount. Model may be built..
Based on a micro RC design by Bob Selman; Paul Bradly doubled the size to create a 40” span model with 360 sq. in of area.  Model has demonstrated “solid” flight characteristics, and a very stable platform for learning aerobatics.   ..
At the Weak Signal Show in Toledo 2017, we were sitting in the lounge and  I said that sounds like a fiasco. Dave Platt said; ”sounds like a good name for a model”.  Subsequently a design emerged on a napkin.  A few weeks later Dave fi..
Dave Platt designed the .40 size  Contender  for Top Flight Models in 1970. Since that time it has proven an exceptionally long-lived design, being still in production today.  Now 48 years later Dave has designed the min-Contender at 4..
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The Satin doll was designed by Dave Platt in 1995 as a free flight rubber model to be flown at Old Warden in England. Model was  later published in Aero Modeler and January 1996 Flying Models. Design goal was to create a model reminiscent of tho..
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Parts in this kit  build a fuselage and a wing with a symmetrical airfoil and strip ailerons, with 30 in. span and 194 sq. in. area.  It is a great flying model for introduction to aerobatics.  Flying weight is 9.25 oz withou..
Parts in this kit are for the aileron wing only.  View B-333 for detailsl on the complete  assembly. Wing fits Basic Fuselage B-331  ..
Parts in this kit are for the dihedral wing ONLY, view Kit B-332 for full description.  The B-331 Fuselage kit is required  to complete this model .  ..
The  BMJR  Ugly-30 started in 1999 as a rubber powered sport free flight for a group of 8 year old boys as a  summer project. It was then modified for electric FF  and  eventually in 2007 for R/C.   Your Ugly-30 ..
The Ugly-30 Fuselage kit (B331), and Dihedral wing kit,  provie  the parts  for the flat bottom airfoil with dihedral. Model has a 30in. span and 194 sq. in. area, with a flying weight is 8.5 oz. without battery and  10...
With the fuselage (B-331 included ) this kit provides  the parts to build a twin motor version of the Ugly-30 . Kit includes a symmetrical airfoil wing, with 30 in. span ans 194 sq. in area,  modified to accept 2 motor n..