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New Model Kits

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The Dragonfly  was designed by Harry Grogan for the AMA A-1 Towline Glider rules in 1972. At that time the rules  specified a minimum weight of 145 gms. (5.1 oz.), a maximum total projected area of 279sq.in., and a 50 meter towline. In the ..
The Gollywock was originally designed in 1940 by Wally Simmers as a Class “C”  Stick model, and became a kit produced by Midwest Model Supply Company. Model also   appeared in Air Trails magazine in 1941. Model had a 31 3/4” span with ..
The Miss America was originally designed by Fran Zaic  in 1935 as a gas powered Free Flight model with an 84” wing span and became  a kit by Scientific. In 1959 Joe Wagner and John Pond were discussing a new event for SAM competition: scale..
For 2018 NFFS one-design  the Early 1/2A models Smarty and Streak have been chosen. To help promote this event at the NATS, BMJR is offering this special. Both kits in 1 box for just $70.00,  post paid within the US.  Full de..
Ranger 21 was designed in 1957 by Carl Goldberg and produced as a kit until the late 1970’s.  It was intended to help new modelers achieve success in building model airplanes that also flew well. The BMJR kit, designed by Paul Bradley, is a repl..
It has been often said, “there is just something about the  Satellite series of power models. They are beautiful on the ground and in the air. Those elliptical wings and tails just have to glide better than the rectangular types.”  The BMJR..
NFFS 2018 one-design for early 1/2A along with STREAK, B-130 History of the SMARTY has been scarce. We know from the original plan, the model was designed by Harold Bunting and was produced as a  kit by Southland Models, in Greensboro, NC. in..
The Starduster was the 1st design in  a series of high thrust models by Sal Taibi  published in the September 1958 issue of American Modeler,  all with spectacular climb and exceptional glide.  Models have been built in all sizes ..
The Super Chief was flown in 1950 and 1951 by George Aldrich in the senior division. Some of the design features like the “airfoil” shaped vertical stab/rudder were later incorporated in his famous Nobler design. The design was said to be a significa..
Reid Simpson designed the Tornado in 1970 for 1/2A with a 48” span and 280 sq. in. area.  Model qualifies for 1/2A  AMA and  Classic and along with the Nostalgia Legal  Jaysbird 250, the Tornado was selected as the 2015 and 2016 o..
~~Jim Clem designed the Witch Hawk which was published in the September 1982 Model Aviation. Copies of the original article are available form the AMA Museum Library.  Model was selected for NFFS one-design in 2017  to be flown with a non-s..
~~Jim Clem designed the Witch Hawk 1/2A then scaled the model to 500 sq.in. for A-B gas which was published in the September 1982 issue of Model Aviation. It was interesting to learn that the different size Witch Hawks are exact scaled versions form ..