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Electric Motors

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HC2208-1260 30W  brushless motor (M-112) with 9 amp Thunderbird sensorless speed control (M-113) ..
HC2808-1160  (M-110) brushless motor with 18amp Thunderbird sensorless speed control (M-113). ..
Spare BEC type connectors with gold plated pins (male/female) pair. ..
  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Stone Age Engineering has released it's new electric cut off timer to conform to the new E-36 rules which allow brushless motors and a D/T function. This is a dead simple timer with no pots or dip switches to fail..
HC2808 -1160 HiMaxx Brushless Outrunner capable of 110W output is a direct drive replacement for the speed 280 brushed motors (no longer available).  Includes motor with GWS type "stick" mount and radial mount adapter, APC 9x6 prop  an..
The Speed 400 Electric Combo Pack includes a Speed 400 motor (M-401), Clam Shell motor mount (M-404), Gear Box with 2:1, 2.5:1 & 3:1 gears and APC 8x6, 9x6 & amp; 10x5 props (M-403), Tamiya plug kit (M-405), and MX-9215 15amp speed control. (..
M-403 gear comes with 3 pinion gears to provide changing between 2:1, 2.5:1 and 3:1 gear ratios at the field to find your best performance. Gear set includes an APC 8x6, 9x6 and 10x5 prop. To be used with the Speed 480 motor M-401. ..
We are currently stocking a Speed 480 motor with a  1.1" in Dia. ,  1.5" long and weighs 2.5 oz.  replacing  the Speed 400 motor we had been using due to our desire to fly both 2 cell (7.4V) and 3 cell ( 11.1V)  LiPo. Th..
Speed 480 clam shell mounts allows installing the Speed 480 motor on "rails" similare to a gas engine ..
The mini-Tamiya plug kit, male and female, is what BMJR uses with Speed 480 size electrical systems, for battery packs, motor connection and charging jacks. ..
HiMax HC-2816-0890 brushless motor (M-114)  with Thunderbird 18 amp speed control M-113) ..
Hi Max HC-2208-1260 capable of 30W of power with APC 8 x 3.8 prop on 2 cell LiPo battery. Recommended for 8-12 oz models. This is a direct breushless replacement of the EPU-3 brushed motor, no longer available.  ..
HiMax HC-2816 capable of 200W with APC 10x7 prop for models of 16-24 oz. This is the recommended power for our Turnaround 325 Park Flyer.  ..
MX-9215 (15 amp) speed control for use with 2 or 3 LiPo cells.  Features include motor soft start, prop brake, on/off switch and Battery eliminator circuit. Stocked specifically for use with Speed 480 brushed motor.  ..
The Thunderbird 19 amp brushless speed control is recommended for the HC-2808 and HC 2812 brushless motors ..