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Electric Motors

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HC2208-1260 30W  brushless motor (M-112) with 9 amp Thunderbird sensorless speed control (M-113) ..
HC2808-1160  (M-110) brushless motor with 18amp Thunderbird sensorless speed control (M-113). ..
Spare BEC type connectors with gold plated pins (male/female) pair. ..
  Stone Age Engineering has released it's new electric cut off timer to conform to the new E-36 rules which allow brushless motors and a D/T function. This is a dead simple timer with no pots or dip switches to fail. It has only 2 push button..
HC2808 -1160 HiMaxx Brushless Outrunner capable of 110W output is a direct drive replacement for the speed 280 brushed motors (no longer available).  Includes motor with GWS type "stick" mount and radial mount adapter, APC 9x6 prop  an..
HiMax HC-2816-0890 brushless motor (M-114)  with Thunderbird 18 amp speed control M-113) ..
Hi Max HC-2208-1260 capable of 30W of power with APC 8 x 3.8 prop on 2 cell LiPo battery. Recommended for 8-12 oz models. This is a direct breushless replacement of the EPU-3 brushed motor, no longer available.  ..
HiMax HC-2816 capable of 200W with APC 10x7 prop for models of 16-24 oz. This is the recommended power for our Turnaround 325 Park Flyer.  ..
The Thunderbird 19 amp brushless speed control is recommended for the HC-2808 and HC 2812 brushless motors ..
The Thundrbird 9 amp brushless speed control is recommended for the HC-2208 brushless motor ..