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Latest Kits for 2017 NFFS one-design and E-36---WITCH HAWK

Upcoming Events

The Allen Brickhasu Memorial control Line Contest  Auaagust 20 & 21 was hampered by alittle rain on Saturda; but in all a great meet to add to your calender for next year.  Sign up for our News Letter for more. 

Events coming up which are worth attending and  on our calender;

RC & FF - SAM Chammps, AMA Headquaters, Muncie IN, Sept. 26 - 30

Control LIne - MCLS 35th Anniversary, Huntersville NC, Oct. 21 - 23

Free Flight - 62nd King Orange Internationsl, Palm Bay FL, Dec. 29 - 31                 









BMJR Models

Welcome to BMJR Models

If you have found this site, you obviously have an interest in not only flying but also BUILDING model airplanes. BMJR’s primary focus is in the development of Laser Cut Kits for the enjoyment of being assembled by the modeler. You will notice our site is divided into four areas of interest at the left; Free Flight, Radio Control, Control Line and a Miscellaneous category. For Free Flight you will find both gas and rubber powered Classic, Nostalgia, and Old Time models for sport and competition, and tow line gliders. For R/C our interest is in small field electric sport models and SAM Texaco designs. In 2010 we got back into control line and continue to expand our lineup. BMJR control line kits are also available from BRODAK manufacturing and distributing.

Miscellaneous includes items for building and flying like motors, servos, covering, and a Radio Tracker, boats, books , and anything we use and can recommend.

The Featured Products section introduces our most recent kits and products, with an emphasis on the one-design models for NFFS and SAM competition.

We have included on this site a space to sign up for a News Letter where we will be posting updates of our newest kits and information about BMJR and the Florida Modelers Association. There is also a NEWS section where links to videos and articles may be posted. And a Poll to vote for your favorite type of model building and flying.

To order on-line “for Security” we request that you set up an account with a user name and password. This allows only BMJR to access your information. For future orders “hints” will be stored for your user name and password should you need some help remembering as I sometimes do. However, there is the feature to order without setting up an account. For ordering by mail a form is provided which may be printed and mailed. Of course you can always call to talk to a real person.